Control Your Microsoft IT Spend.

A thoroughly-researched Microsoft roadmap tailored to your organization’s unique IT objectives is the single most important tool you can put in place to control your Microsoft spend.

DOM experts use highly-specialized tools, processes, and knowledge to help you cut through the confusion and misinformation that surround Microsoft. Deliverable is a customized IT roadmap that documents the Microsoft products and services you actually need to buy and puts you in the driver’s seat for your next EA negotiation.

Technology areas covered include desktop (such as Windows and Office); Microsoft 365 and Office 365; collaboration (such as Teams and Exchange); management and security (such as System Center, EMS); infrastructure (such as Windows Server and Azure); databases (such as SQL Server, Power BI, and Azure SQL Database); development and test (such as Visual Studio); and others as required.

Learn how DOM can help your organization control its Microsoft spend.