Is your company planning significant rollouts of Microsoft technology over the next two years? Or are you developing new products or solutions on the Microsoft platform? Our forward-looking Microsoft Roadmaps will save you countless hours of research, help you avoid costly mistakes, and equip you to drive more value from your company's Microsoft investments.

Directions on Microsoft Roadmaps are used by thousands of companies across the globe to plan projects, schedule migrations, and budget purchases with precision. Our team of Microsoft technology experts have tracked down the important dates, documented the key features, and identified the critical dependencies for over 100+ versions of Microsoft enterprise products and cloud services—all summarized in a single, easy-to-use resource.

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Your Roadmaps are the Rosetta Stone of deciphering Microsoft. For the first time I have a clear understanding of Microsoft's major product groups and their timetables—technologies central to our business.

A must-have for any executive or technologist to effectively and efficiently manage and implement Microsoft solutions.

What Is It?

DOM publishes up-to-date Microsoft Roadmap reports and posters that contains essential planning information for Microsoft customers and partners who need to schedule migrations, plan evaluations, arrange training, and budget purchases. For each of the 100+ Microsoft products and cloud services summarized, our Roadmaps provide:

  • Technology overview and usage scenarios
  • Summaries of disruptive changes
  • Impact of service packs and support retirement dates
  • Future version features, retirements, and release dates
  • Dependencies on other Microsoft technologies
  • Links to relevant evaluation and licensing guides

Your Roadmap helped me cut through the fog of information I get from the Internet. It also won me points with our East Coast office because I was able to point to features that will give us a better way to do a current job.

How Is It Delivered?

Our Microsoft Roadmap service is delivered in three ways:

1. Report: DOM Microsoft Roadmap Reports are all-in-one-place references that put critical planning information about Microsoft's enterprise products and cloud services all in one place and at your fingertips. A searchable version of the most recent Roadmap is always available in the Members area of

2. Poster: We also publish convenient Microsoft Roadmap Posters with illustrations and charts so you can hang on your wall and see a summary of all Microsoft enterprise products and cloud services and their interrelationships at a glance.

3. Webinars: Our experts host a Microsoft Roadmap Webinar every quarter to summarize what's new and what's changed. Directions on Microsoft members get the chance to hear insights and observations from our analysts in person and ask specific questions.

At the National Defense University, our students are CIOs running IT programs with budgets of eight, nine, or ten digits a year. I want to get them thinking about your Microsoft Roadmaps as the premier example of the kind of information they need for software planning, for intelligent software management—particularly of Enterprise Agreements—and for planned IT technology transitions. Your resource set is exceptional.

How Do We Do It?

Throughout the year, our eight-man team of analysts combs through hundreds of sources, including Microsoft sites, events, speeches, commentary, and press releases. Our analysts are also in constant contact with managers inside Microsoft product groups. They verify, synthesize, and compile enormous amounts of information through a rigorous, multi-phase review process. We spend the hundreds of hours it takes to track down the information, check the details, and make the analysis so you don't have to.

Directions on Microsoft gives me all the IT information I need about Microsoft in one service that I'd otherwise have to find in many other places. I always keep the latest copy in my briefcase and this saves time and helps me make better, faster decisions because I don't have to review multiple sources.

What's It Worth to You?

Are our Microsoft Roadmaps worth the price? Sometimes Microsoft or one of its resellers will give you a roadmap for a specific product. Sometimes you can hunt down the information you need for yourself.

First, we don't have a hidden agenda. Our core mission is to supply IT decision makers like you with actionable information about Microsoft's product roadmap that's clear, accurate, and entirely free of marketing hype. We're not trying to sell you software, we're just equipping you with independent and thoroughly vetted information that will save you time and help you make smarter decisions for your company.

Second, what you don't know can be costly. New versions of Microsoft enterprise software deliver potentially useful features and capabilities. But they also introduce new dependencies and new support implications that could impact your decisions. Without the complete picture, you run the real risk of making mistakes that can easily cost your company tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars: for example, developing a solution for a product that Microsoft is likely to abandon, migrating to a new version too soon (or too late), or purchasing Software Assurance for a future version you aren't likely to receive. Our Roadmap gives you the big-picture view across more than 100 Microsoft enterprise products. Instead of reacting to shifts in Microsoft's product roadmap, you'll spot the shifts that impact your business while there's still time to do something about it.

Third, your time is valuable. Even if you could track down and verify the Microsoft roadmap information you need for yourself, is it the best use of your time? Wouldn't it be better to have all the facts at your fingertips so you can focus your attention on strategic activities such as building business cases, architecting new solutions, budgeting for licenses, and planning migrations? Our Roadmap lets you maximize the ROI on your time for a tiny fraction of the cost of doing the research yourself.

We spend a great deal of time and money making sure that we carefully manage our Microsoft technology and licenses. You have made our jobs a lot easier and now we can focus on other things using the time that we've saved.

Convince Your Boss!

Cut and paste this letter if you need to justify Directions on Microsoft to your boss:

Dear [your boss’s name here]:

I'd like to purchase a membership to the Directions on Microsoft IT planning information and advisory service. A membership will give us access to a trusted source of information about Microsoft's enterprise products, roadmaps, licensing programs, and licensing policies.

Directions on Microsoft is an independent analyst firm in the Seattle, WA, area that has focused exclusively on Microsoft technologies and licensing programs since 1992. If you're not familiar with their work, they produce quality information to help companies evaluate and plan for new Microsoft enterprise products.

For a modest annual fee, a Directions on Microsoft membership will give us access to the following:

  • Product Roadmaps. All-in-one-place references summarizing 100+ current and planned Microsoft enterprise product and cloud technologies will help us target our purchases and development efforts.
  • Product Evaluation Reports. Definitive reports on new Microsoft enterprise products will help us cut through the marketing hype and intelligently evaluate new Microsoft technologies and initiatives.
  • Licensing Guides. Easy-to-understand guides to Microsoft's complex licensing programs and rules will help us accurately budget our software purchases and stay in compliance without overbuying.
  • Monthly Update Research Digest. Objective and easy-to-consume news and analysis will make it easier for us to efficiently track shifts in Microsoft technologies and strategies that could impact our decisions.
  • Searchable Database. Online access to a comprehensive dataset of Microsoft-focused research and analysis will make it easier to find answers to our Microsoft-related questions.
  • Monthly Webinars. Monthly briefings by subject matter experts will help us quickly get up to speed on new Microsoft technologies that may impact our plans and projects.

I routinely expend significant time and effort trying to track down and verify the information I need about Microsoft on my own. This information is hard to find and the information I do find is usually incomplete and often misleading.

The Directions on Microsoft service will put reliable information about Microsoft technologies, product roadmaps, and licensing programs at my fingertips so I can focus my attention on strategic activities such as building business cases, architecting new solutions, budgeting purchases, and planning migrations. I believe a membership is well worth the investment.

Bottom line, the Directions on Microsoft service will equip us with objective and timely information about shifts in Microsoft technology, strategy, licensing programs, and initiatives that impact our business at a fraction of the cost of doing the research ourselves. It's information we'll use to improve and speed our decisions and maximize the ROI on our Microsoft investments.

Thank you for your consideration.


[your name here]

How Do I Get the Roadmaps?

Our suite of Microsoft Roadmaps, published on-line and in print each quarter, is an exclusive benefit of membership in the Directions on Microsoft (DOM) IT planning information service. DOM Membership also includes access to the most comprehensive library of Microsoft-focused information and intelligence available anywhere, including:

  • Product Evaluation Reports. In-depth reports that cut through the marketing hype and deliver the critical facts your IT team needs to prepare for new Microsoft technologies.
  • Licensing Guides. Clear and accurate explanations of Microsoft licensing programs and rules help your IT procurement teams understand their options and keep your organization in compliance without over buying.
  • Monthly Update Research Digest. A hard-copy digest of the latest DOM roadmaps, product reports and licensing guides helps your IT strategists track shifts in Microsoft technologies and programs so they don’t miss anything important.
  • Monthly analyst Webinars. Interactive conference calls with DOM analysts quickly bring your teams up-to-speed on new Microsoft technologies, strategies and activities.

Your organization already spends significant sums on Microsoft technologies. Shouldn't your decisions be based on the best information about Microsoft available? The cost of DOM membership is minor in the context of your overall spend while the advantages it provides you are comparatively large.

Join the thousands of companies who already use DOM to speed and make smarter decisions about their Microsoft investments.

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